Glückwunsch, Sie haben den radelnden Hausherrn gefunden!

Gewinnen Sie mit etwas Glück eines der drei brandneuen Wild-Kochbücher von Karl-Josef und Viktoria Fuchs!

Letzter Einsendeschluss: 31. Januar 2014

* Pflichtfelder

Drum isch er au so räs, de Münstertäler Chäs (dialect)

Since the summer of 1995 Karl-Josef Fuchs runs a dairy at the Spielweg Hotel in which he manufactures Spielweg mountain cheese and Obermünstertal soft cheese by means of traditional processes as well as Molkenziger cream cheese from the resulting whey. The cheese is matured in the natural cellar behind the dairy.

In order to produce Spielweg mountain cheese, milk from the evening is chilled overnight and coagulated in equal parts together with fresh milk from the morning. This manufacturing process is hundreds of years old, the only difference being that the milk is heated in a large copper boiler by gas instead of a wood fire. The cheese is set by using natural calf rennet and further manufacturing steps are also carried out by means of traditional craftsmanship.

Spielweg cheese matures for 6 months in a curing cellar at high humidity levels and steady temperatures without the use of any climate control equipment. This guarantees that the flavour is able to develop to its full potential. The cheese is turned several times weekly and rubbed i.e. the rind is smoothed with a brush and lightly salted water.
And so a high quality handcrafted regional delicacy arises out of an elaborate manual process.

Due to its high altitudes, the climate and its rural background Münstertal provides extremely favourable conditions for cheese-making. Lush meadows and fields, guarantors for an open countryside and the Hinterwälder cattle breed are striking characteristics of our valley. The milk used for our Spielweg cheese comes from a farm called Drehbachhof which is run by the Scherer family and located on the Stohren in upper Münstertal.
The main prerequisite for the outstanding quality of the milk is the geographical location of the meadows and grazing lands which are situated more than 1000m above sea level. These are extensively cultivated and carefully fertilized. This has resulted in a great biodiversity of grasses and herbs, which have a deciding impact on the aroma and the flavour of the milk.
It contains a high percentage of milk fat, proteins and vitamins as well as valuable minerals which provide the essential basis for a natural taste experience.
Absolutely hygienic conditions are our top priority on the farm.