Glückwunsch, Sie haben den radelnden Hausherrn gefunden!

Gewinnen Sie mit etwas Glück eines der drei brandneuen Wild-Kochbücher von Karl-Josef und Viktoria Fuchs!

Letzter Einsendeschluss: 31. Januar 2014

* Pflichtfelder

Where indulgence seems endless

Every day Spielweg, together with its highly committed culinary team, submits a declaration of love to “tasteful” Baden cuisine. It can be down-to-earth and rustic, lightly refreshing or both at the same time. We provide hearty snacks as well as multi-course, high class and versatile set menus. Our motto: Our guests should enjoy our food to the fullest!
According to the different seasons, our selected products experience well-balanced performances through Karl-Josef Fuchs’s culinary direction. Specialities such as “Metzgede” and “Entenpartie” are the crowning achievements of the winter season. Home-made, tender-melting whey cream cheese from our dairy, exquisite Münstertal culinary wild game delights, self-preserved black walnuts, local berries preserved in rum and sugar (“Rumtopf”) ... for those who are free to choose .... and you most definitely are at Spielweg! Because our versatile menu provides all that is needed for a small or a big appetite.