Glückwunsch, Sie haben den radelnden Hausherrn gefunden!

Gewinnen Sie mit etwas Glück eines der drei brandneuen Wild-Kochbücher von Karl-Josef und Viktoria Fuchs!

Letzter Einsendeschluss: 31. Januar 2014

* Pflichtfelder

Immerse yourself in our small but exclusive “world of wellness”

Take a deep breath, simply forget about the time and leave your calendar behind you; feel the ground beneath your feet ... here with us, this mental exercise will work straight away.
We are excellently equipped with an indoor and outdoor pool, a sauna and a steam bath. The adjacent winter garden is the perfect place to unwind. Truly unique features are the breathtaking view onto green mountain ranges and meadows and direct access to Neumagen, our clear mountain stream which can be heard murmuring gently in the background.